VSC Manual
VSC Manual  VSC Manual - Vision Measuring Scope VGSM Optical / Video / Vision Scope (VSC)/ Vision Measuring Machine (VMM / VMS) Series Malaysia, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor Bahru (JB), Singapore Supply, Suppliers | VGSM Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
VSC (Vision SCope) is a VMM / Optical Scope has the strength of a Profile Projector, Toolmaker Microscope and the contact type of CMM with the use of CCD Technology and Smart user-friendly Metrology Software minimize inspection downtime and yet maintain the highest QC standards more easily than ever.
VSC VMM application mainly use to measure small and precise components (2D).  especially for industries like: Automotive, Aerospace / Aviation, Military, Mould and Die, Watches, Engineering plastic, Electronics, Semiconductor, Fastening, Connectors  PCB, Stamping,  R&D, etc.

The VSC Manual Optical Scope
  • Granite Base and Measuring Stage – high precision hardcoat 3 layers X-Y table designed for stabilibity that was mounting at the granite bed.
  • X-Y Axes Movement - by mechnical pulley knob and /  comes with Quick slide lever control.
  • CCD Camera – capture image with Hi-Res Colour CCD Camera.
  • Light Sources - the Bottom: Contour and Top: Surface comes with super bringt LED lighting and adjustable from the control panel upfront.
  • Metrology Software – capture image by CCD being process and measure by this VSC manual measurement software (refer to VSC Metrology Software for more info)
VSC Manual
Technical Specifications
Model VSC 300M (Manual) VSC 400M (Manual) VSC 500M (Manual)
Measuring Range (mm) X=350
Weight (kg) 250 350 450
Max.Loading (kg) 30
Scale Resolution (µm) 0.1
Motion Control Manual Driven (XY Axes-Quick Slide Technology)
Light Illumination Adjustable Super Bright LED Light Source (Top: Surface, Bottom: Contour)
X/Y Axis Accuracy* (µm) (3.0 + L/200)
Z Axis Accuracy* (µm) (5.0 + L/200)
Software VSC Manual
L:Length (mm); *Accuracy Based On Magnification Of 120X

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