RV 3D (Real 2D & 3D DMIS Measurement Software)
RV 3D (Real 2D & 3D DMIS Measurement Software) VGSM VSC Software Metrology Measuring Software (VSC / RV) Malaysia, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor Bahru (JB), Singapore Supply, Suppliers | VGSM Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
RV 3D Real 2D & 3D DMIS Measurement Software
  • Powerful DMIS standard Measuring Software with 2D & 3D technology in real-time 3D era to assist non-contact optical sensor & contact probe sensor or laser sensor to solve complicated applications
  • Video edge detection – Fast, Accurate and Repeatable edge detection. Multiple windows auto edge catching measuring tools in accordance with element features to reduce eyes fatigue and great improve measurement efficiency.
  • Navigate zone: Image/Graphics/Construct/Snapshot picture
  • Simple & quick machine position control via mouse screen control or absolute or relative position control
  • Advanced weak edge measurement algorithm with software auto determine the selected direction to achieve fast & accurate measurement on weak edge
  • The most advanced algorithm in CCD focusing to measure height in micron accuracy
  • Surface profile scan can auto find the edge complete the scan in entire closed curve and do contour comparison with the imported CAD theoretical curve and till output in Form Error graphical report
  • Full part programming on CAD 2D programing for optical system; on CAD 3D programing for probing system
  • 3D Off-line simulation of programming can import IGES file of 3D program or import DXF file of 2D program
  • The complete ISO geometric tolerance measurement software provides complete tolerance can quickly calculate the distance, angle, diameter, radius, cone angle and dimensional tolerances; GD&T i.e. roundness, straightness, flatness, and position accuracy, concentricity, Profile of circular runout, and other forms.
  • Measurement data can be output as IGES, DXF, Excel, Html, PDF, Txt, perfect graphical notation, etc
  • Powerful SPC statistical function to provide full range of control charts, i.e. XBar-S, Xbar-R, Histogram, etc
  • Optional sensors: contact probe or laser capabilities

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